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petal party

Last night, while #1 and #2 were off with the carpenter (aka coach) winning a softball game, #3 and #4 and I had a petal party. The spectacular sakura in our backyard is giving up its blossoms, resulting in a luxurious soft pink carpet on our back deck. I love glancing out the window and for a split second, mistaking the petals for snow.

Yes, we really have enough to need a rake.

Some of us thought it would be fun to make a big pile and jump in them, autumn-leaves style. Others preferred to drag the rake around haphazardly, making little swirls reminiscent of a zen garden.

Petals were tossed, piggy-backs were given, and some heavy thoughts that had been preoccupying me all afternoon fluttered to the periphery, for a while at least.

In other flower news, it’s camas season. Ele and I had a wildflower walk in the park last week, just as they were starting to come out. Millie is doing a unit on native plants in her class right now, and can identify all sorts of flowers that are still new to me. She and two of her friends have launched a little magazine called the Wild Flower Gazette.

Shooting star, above, and camas below.

What flowers are out in your neck of the woods?

a life still

The opposite of a still life, which is usually the depiction of inanimate subject matter, my life still offers up a little slice of life, frozen in time. I was bending down at the end of the table one evening after dinner, picking some things up off the floor, when I looked up, my eyes right at table height. It struck me as such a lovely scene, Dave and Grace working out some math homework together at one end of the table, Jack in his own bubble, drawing, and Eleanor taking it all in while attempting to feed herself some yogurt…  My camera happened to be within arms reach, so I grabbed it, thinking I’d capture one of those instances that otherwise gets buried in the memory file, lost among other miscellaneous moments not attached to any large titles. I find the camera useful for that.