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the dodo returns

Since abandoning the popular but short-lived blog Do and Road, people often ask me if Jack still draws dodos. Oh yes, he does. He also draws a lot of Star Wars and Greek Myth themed drawings, but Do and Road do still feature quite frequently in the sketch books. Since their last online appearance, Do and Road have had many adventures. This particular drawing was done just before the school year started, testing out the brand new box of markers that had just been purchased as part of the school supplies.

Earlier this month, Jack asked if I would sit and draw with him. I sat down and tried to sketch the kitten who was playing nearby. Cats are very hard to draw. Then I attempted a quick sketch of the front entrance. I realized I really hadn’t drawn anything in a very long time. Shortly after that session I spotted Drawing with Children on display at the library (does anyone else ever find something serendipitous about library displays? It’s similar to the way you’ll learn a new word, and then come across it several times over the next few days.) I’ve had the book out for two weeks now, and haven’t managed to get very far into it, but have hopes of trying out some of the exercises with the kids soon. I will report on any developments.


I had forgotten about the crazy mess one year-olds create. We have a high threshold for disorder in this household. Every room in this home is truly a living room, and when we walk through the house we take care to step over the flotsam and jetsam of childhood – books, pictures, lego, etc.

But the one year-old mess is not the same as objects that someone has neglected to put away once they’ve finished with them. The one year-old is discovering where things are, where they can go, what they can do. The spaghetti box comes out of the cupboard and each strand is pulled out piece by piece. Some are licked, some are snapped in half. All end up on the floor. The toilet paper unravels into a heap on the bathroom floor each time you visit that room. All this is tolerated because it buys you time while you wash the dishes, or brush your teeth, but also so as not to put a damper on the one year-old’s spirit of discovery. It does however mean that an awful lot of time is spent picking things up.

When the chaos on the ground becomes too much I look at the walls. There’s always something pleasant to look at there. The fish is peaceful, unperturbed, uncluttered…

I will be like the fish. I will swim with determination. Clearer waters are ahead.

true story

Once upon a time, a young scribe met a carpenter. She admired his work. Looking at one piece, she asked what it meant, and the carpenter answered slowly, talking about things like light and darkness, softness and sharpness. The scribe was drawn in. She thought about how she too would like to create beautiful things.

Not long after, the scribe and the carpenter got married. Before they knew it, they had collaborated on a few beautiful creations (in the form of little humans). As the years went by, the scribe worked away on her compendiums and articles while the carpenter built his sculptures and fences. One day the scribe thought she would like to work on a new collaboration with the carpenter, but figured they had probably run out of room for any more living beings in their house (in addition to the little people, there were three cats and three fish, bringing the count up to twelve). So the scribe sat down to write.

Once upon a time, a young scribe met a carpenter.