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true story

Once upon a time, a young scribe met a carpenter. She admired his work. Looking at one piece, she asked what it meant, and the carpenter answered slowly, talking about things like light and darkness, softness and sharpness. The scribe was drawn in. She thought about how she too would like to create beautiful things.

Not long after, the scribe and the carpenter got married. Before they knew it, they had collaborated on a few beautiful creations (in the form of little humans). As the years went by, the scribe worked away on her compendiums and articles while the carpenter built his sculptures and fences. One day the scribe thought she would like to work on a new collaboration with the carpenter, but figured they had probably run out of room for any more living beings in their house (in addition to the little people, there were three cats and three fish, bringing the count up to twelve). So the scribe sat down to write.

Once upon a time, a young scribe met a carpenter. 

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