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the dodo returns

Since abandoning the popular but short-lived blog Do and Road, people often ask me if Jack still draws dodos. Oh yes, he does. He also draws a lot of Star Wars and Greek Myth themed drawings, but Do and Road do still feature quite frequently in the sketch books. Since their last online appearance, Do and Road have had many adventures. This particular drawing was done just before the school year started, testing out the brand new box of markers that had just been purchased as part of the school supplies.

Earlier this month, Jack asked if I would sit and draw with him. I sat down and tried to sketch the kitten who was playing nearby. Cats are very hard to draw. Then I attempted a quick sketch of the front entrance. I realized I really hadn’t drawn anything in a very long time. Shortly after that session I spotted Drawing with Children on display at the library (does anyone else ever find something serendipitous about library displays? It’s similar to the way you’ll learn a new word, and then come across it several times over the next few days.) I’ve had the book out for two weeks now, and haven’t managed to get very far into it, but have hopes of trying out some of the exercises with the kids soon. I will report on any developments.

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