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onwards, with cake

I know I promised you a house tour, but first, another birthday.

Someone turned two last week.

It was our first birthday celebration in the new home, and I confess that when we first looked at this house I did in fact say something along the lines of ‘this room will look so good with the streamers up at birthdays’. (This was, perhaps, a frustrating aspect of house hunting for the carpenter. I’m sure I was asked to ‘stop imagining the future and look at the things that matter’, but I couldn’t stop. I was picturing kids running around the backyard, climbing up the pear tree, Thanksgiving dinners, Christmas mornings…)

Dave started the streamer tradition back in Montreal, and we now have a little birthday eve ritual involving him on a ladder in a tangle of crepe paper and me in the kitchen tackling some ambitious cake creation. This time around, I opted to keep it simple: chocolate cake, vanilla icing, smarties. I don’t know why I ever stray from this formula, really. The birthday girl seemed happy with the results.

I love two-year-olds. (Especially this one).

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